Aircraft Maintenance

IAE is full service EASA Part 145 (UK.145.00588) and FAA Part 145 Repairstation (I6EY448N) based at centrally located Cranfield Airport (EGTC). Our modern Cranfield facility is geared to accommodate your aircraft in its 30,000sq/ft hangar.

IAE recognise the need for quality and reliable service, and to that end all our ‘factory trained’ staff take pride in achieving high standards of maintenance along with exceptional turnaround times.

IAE works with both private and commercial operators and can provide a comprehensive and competitive maintenance service that ranges from a simple oil change to complete overhauls and refits.

IAE has been involved with the Cessna Supplemental Inspection Document (SID) since its first initiation, and has worked alongside aircraft manufacturers and Airworthiness Authorities to develop the necessary inspection programmes.

IAE is a Piper Approved Service Centre with full factory approval for ALL of your Piper maintenance and warranty issues.

IAE challenges itself to provide customers with the best airframe maintenance services means knowing the aircraft, its operational environment, and the missions it flies better than anyone else. It takes a special attitude and mindset to appreciate the value of your aircraft and to provide the best value in aircraft maintenance by adding capabilities and being more aggressive in search for new ideas and a better solution than anyone else.

You expect a lot from your aircraft so when it comes to maintenance we accept the challenge of delivering more.

IAE hold approvals for maintenance on the following aircraft manufacturers:

Aermacchi - Single engine series
Apex aircraft - Robin series
Beechcraft - All piston engine single & twin types
Beechcraft - King Air Series
Bellanca - Viking Series
BN Group - Islander Series
Cessna aircraft - All piston engine single & twin types
Cessna aircraft - Caravan series
Cessna aircraft - Conquest Turboprop
Cessna aircraft - Citation 525 & 510 series
Cirrus aircraft - All series
Commander aircraft - 112 & 114 series
Diamond Aircraft - DV/DA20 , DA40, DA42
Eclipse Aircraft - EA500
Gippsland Aeronautics - GA8 Airvan
Maule Aerospace - All series
Mooney Aircraft - All series
PAC - 750XL
Piaggio - P180 Series
Pilatus - PC12 Series
Piper aircraft - All piston engine single & twin types
Piper aircraft - Cheyenne Turboprop series
Reims Aircraft - F406 Caravan II
Ruschmeyer - Single engine series
Sky Aircraft - Pitts series
Slingsby - T67 series
Socata - all piston engine series
Socata - TBM Series
Tiger Aircraft - AA-1 & AA-5 Series
VulcanAir - P68 series

Aircraft Maintenance