IAE Ltd is an Aviation Maintenance Organisation based at Cranfield in Bedfordshire, formed in 1997.  It’s owners Garry Joyce and Andy Baker took control of the company in 2006 as part of a Management Buy-out and have continued to grow the company into one of the Leading Maintenance Companies in the UK with a Capability that is second to none.

Below is a brief history of Garry and Andy’s careers to date.

Andy Baker

After leaving school in 1981, Andy when to work for Mike Searle at SBV Aeroservices based at Elstree Aerodrome starting as an apprentice aircraft engineer. This was the perfect learning platform as the aircraft types maintained by SBV were wide and varied.

In 1986 SBV moved to Leavesden Airport and changed its name to Ambrion Aviation Engineering. At this time Andy was promoted to Chief Inspector/ Hangar Foreman.

1993 saw Andy pass the CAA basic engineering license, with the basic airframes and engine types.

In 1994 Leavesden airport was closed. It was at this time that a move abroad was initiated & Andy took up a licensed aircraft engineer position with Qatar Aeronautical College in Doha, Qatar, looking after a flying school flett of new Piper PA28 & PA34 aircraft.

A promotion was offered in 1996 , and Andy took up the post of Deputy Chief Engineer, at this time a Beech 200 was added to the flying school fleet.

With the downturn in flight training, Andy returned to the UK in November 2000 and took up the post of Chief Engineer with Cabair Engineering at Elstree Aerodrome.

In July 2002 Andy was offered and accepted the position of Chief Engineer at IAE at Cranfield. At this time, IAE was in its infancy. The management team worked closely together and slowly built up a reputation for high quality work with a solid customer base.

April 2006 was a high point, as Andy & Garry initiated a management buy out.

Garry Joyce

Garry joined the Royal Air Force in 1989 as an Avionics Mechanic and after successful completion of his initial training was posted to R.A.F. Coningsby to work on Tornado F3. He spent 4 years working on the Flight Line and in the Hangar during which time he was awarded a Station Commanders Commendation, before being selected for Promotion and further training as an Avionics Technician.

In 1995 Garry was posted to RAF Sealand to work at their 3rd Line Maintenance Facility carrying out repairs to a variety of Avionics Instruments down to component level.

In 1997 Garry left the R.A.F. and took up a position as an Avionics Engineer at IAE ltd. In 1999 Garry successfully passed his UK CAA Engineers License in Nav/Com and Radio/Radar and then added Autopilots and Compass Compensation in 2001.

In 2002 Garry was promoted to head up the Avionics side of the business and in 2006 completed a management buy-out along with Andy.

Under Garry and Andy's control your aircraft is in safe hands!